Earthside Provisions began with my love for nourishing other humans through my love language of food and as an aspiring herbalist.  

In a past life, I was a farmer/gardener where I truly began my deeper connection with Gaia. This role allowed me to discover and understand the true meaning of 'you are what you eat,' and how to be a good steward of the land. Learning how to tend the soil and grow your own food and herbs led me to the path of kitchen witchery. 

Then after transitioning into mamahood, I truly recognized the significance of stocking your larder and having support from my tribe- emotionally, physically and through nourishment. I wanted to reciprocate that support to anyone who needed it.

As members of my tribe became new parents or were recovering from injury or illness, I would make & deliver wholesome & nutrient dense meals and teas for their healing journeys. And this is how Earthside Provisions was born. 

As stewards of the land, we aim to be as environmentally conscious and respectful as possible. We practice this by always using organic, homegrown and/or ethically wildcrafted herbs, local & pasture-raised bones for our broths and organic and whenever possible, local vegetables & ingredients. EP uses compostable and recyclable packaging and offers a glass jar recycling program.

We are honored to be serving our community and look forward to providing you with healing nourishment!


Victoria Lindchan